The world’s highest volcano, Ojos Del Salado, is located in a remote area of the earth’s driest spot, the Atacama Desert. At an intimidating altitude of almost 7000m, oxygen levels at the summit are just a third of what we receive at sea level.

A mountaineer on Ojos is thoroughly put to test as he embraces three different types of climbing: rock, ice, and snow. Aside from the challenge of mixed climbing, a near-vertical pitch of rock-climbing is necessary at 22 000 feet before one stands on the summit of the mountain.

Following the alpinist style of climbing, we will be carrying 20-25kg backpacks to establish a summit camp high enough on the mountain. After which, we will attempt a quick assault to the summit and tear down all the way to the base in one swift movement.  

Temperatures are expected to hit a bottom of -25C with winds at 30kmph during the climb.

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World's Highest Volcano 

Ojos del Salado 

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